Sample Natal Reading

Alright, so, right off the bat, the first couple things I notice are your first house placements (Black Moon Lilith and Mars), as well as a multitude of conjunctions (two markers on top of each other) in your chart. Overall, this should give you just a very powerful energy, but we’ll get into everything in due time. What we’re going to do with your chart is start with your Ascendant (rising) sign, and then read our way through the houses and the various placements in them. So let’s begin!

Your Ascendant is in Cancer, making you a “Cancer rising.” So, the Ascendant is the indicator as to how we appear to the outside world and how we engage with others. If you’ve ever had someone tell you, “Oh, I used to think you were so intimidating/quiet/mean/whatever, but now that I know you, you’re totally not like that at all!”, that first impression is your rising sign hard at work. Given your Ascendant’s placement in Cancer, it’s likely that the most common adjective you get is shy. (Looking at the rest of your chart, it’s also very likely that people quickly find that is not true.) Cancer is the cardinal water sign; cardinal meaning beginnings & water means emotions. We often find Cancer to be associated with the waters of the womb, where we first begin to grow. Overall, Cancers tend to be quite maternal, though they rarely seem to qualify as the “mom friend,” simply due to their abundance of emotions. They easily cry the most tears out of any of the signs in the zodiac. This is because that loving, caring energy is a two way street. Cancers love to care and nurture others, but they also love to be cared for and nurtured. Since we’re looking at your rising, this is how you initially come off to people—a more quiet, subdued, emotional type. You might, for example, be one of those people who can’t ask for an extra ketchup packet for yourself, but if your friend needs a packet, you have no issue going to get them one. This initial impression can cause people to believe that you’re kind of weak-willed and that they can easily take advantage of your giving nature. They’re soon to be proven wrong.

Moving through your first house, the first thing we see is your Black Moon Lilith. Now, you might be saying, “it’s been a minute since I learned the planets but I can still say with confidence there was definitely not one called Black Moon Lilith,” and, well, you’d be absolutely right. Black Moon Lilith is not a planet, it’s a mathematical point: the Moon at apogee (the point where it’s orbit is the furthest away from Earth). So, if the Moon is the ruler of our emotions (it is), Black Moon Lilith rules over those feelings we tend to keep more tucked away. It’s often associated with the primal. And while we refer to it as what we keep hidden, you might find your animalistic side rising to the surface more often than not given it’s prominent placement in Leo in the first house. The first house is the house of self; it’s one of the four angular houses, giving it a stronger weight in your chart. And, boy, is this placement weighted. It’s in the sign of the lion, the fixed fire sign. Easily one of the most common ways for this to manifest is a cocky, loudmouthed attitude. I am lion, hear me roar.

Continuing in your first house, we also find Mars in Leo. Mars, the red planet of sex & aggression, finds itself in bold, fiery Leo, right next to primal Black Moon Lilith, all in your first house of self. It’s loud! Honestly, I love this arrangement. There are many ways for this to spin out of control—being too stubborn, picking fights, not knowing how to tone yourself down and acting inappropriately in situations that require more tact than you can afford, but everything can have its downside. What this gives you is passion and strength (physical, too! The first house is associated with the body). You are also very loyal and will fight to the death to protect those that you love. You are a great ally and an even better friend, and I think you should celebrate that (assuming you don’t already; Leos are known to celebrate themselves quite frequently).

Exiting the first house we quickly encounter Venus right at the start of your second house of possessions in the sign of Virgo. Right off the bat reading: you have a taste for luxury. Venus loves the finer things in life, and placing this in a very material house can very easily translate into spending large sums of money on things that are just nicer. This isn’t necessarily impulse buying dumb trinkets off Instagram or anything like that, this is placed in Virgo after all. This is more in regards being willing to shell out more money in the name of quality. So, Virgo is the sign of the virgin, which might cause a little bit of confusion as to what exactly it means to have the planet of love here. Well, to clear up any confusion, when we talk about the sign of the virgin, we’re not really talking about a woman who has never had sex. Instead, this tends to hold a stronger association with virgin material: wheat before it becomes bread, cotton before it becomes a dress, a hunk of clay before it becomes a work of art. Virgo is the mutable earth sign; mutable meaning changing and earth meaning the material. It is all about refinement. Virgo constantly strives for this notion of perfection. They’re often notorious for being sticklers about the details of a situation because the sign holds this belief that if they can just get every detail right, then what they’ll have will be truly perfect. A warning: this can be a difficult location for Venus. The planet is said to be in fall here, which can weaken the planet. The most common manifestation of this is forgoing emotion in favor of a checklist, ignoring real chemistry because you’re looking for some type of customizable Sim that is designed just for you. Another way this can show is in following your heart and listening to your emotions, letting that lead you to a partner whom you do truly love, but because of this Virgo Venus, trying to improve or refine what you have. Just editing tiny things constantly, again, trying to hit this notion of perfection. This can cause your partner to feel as if you’re dissatisfied with them or this relationship—that they’re not your love, they’re just your current project. Try to stay conscious of what you’re doing. Given your placement, it’s very likely your love language is gift giving, but take the time to learn your partner’s love language. You Venus will love the challenge of trying to plan the perfect romantic event for them to best show just how much you do love them. Let that perfectionism manifest in a positive way. 

Continuing forward we encounter your North Node, second house, Libra. The North Node is considered to be a marker of destiny—where you’re headed. It’s in the second house of finances and possessions, in the cardinal air sign Libra (ruled by Venus). Libras are known diplomats, social butterflies, a beloved-by-all energy. This specific placement implies that you mind find your future involving some type of design or some type of luxury; I’m personally thinking along the lines of a designer or a trendsetter. As a note: it’s not in the eighth house, which is other’s money, so this isn’t so much indicating that you’re going to, you know, run a hedge fund or something. But great wealth does seem to hold a strong place in your life.

Your next placement is Mercury, loosely conjunct the North Node, in Libra. Mercury is a very external planet: chatty, active, energized, and finds itself in the very chatty sign of Libra. This gives you comfort in communication, especially when it comes to mediating others (your Venus Virgo does sometimes need to fix other people’s problems). The second house is a very tangible house, as we previously talked about, which is great for communicating, because what you say feels intelligible. There are other parts of your chart that seem to hold depths no one can quite reach and hint at something unknown constantly roving beneath the surface—your Mercury placement is not one of these. When you talk, people listen, and they actually understand.

On that theme, we enter your third house, the house of communication. There are four main houses associated with the people in our lives: the third, the fourth, the seventh, and the eleventh. The eleventh are our friends; those who stand by and support us, and who we find joy with. The seventh is often associated with marriage, it’s constant in the sense you literally see them every day, you learn to grow and evolve with them. The fourth house is parents and the home—your childhood and how you were raised. So what does that leave for the third? Well, the most casual affairs. People in your life you who kind of have to get along with -ish but there’s nothing really major or pressing there. Think siblings, or neighbors, coworkers and customers. Sure, it’s ideal that you get along with them, but you could also not. Though, given your Sun, it’s likely you do. But, before we talk about your Sun, we’re looking at what conjuncts it: Chiron the wounded healer. Pair this with your Cancer rising, and you are so maternal and caring. Chiron is two-fold. Two-and-a-half fold really. It shows us how you heal others, as well as marking the wounds you bring over from a past life and how you work to heal them now. Your chart is telling us this happens through communication. The difficult part of this is that it means you have to communicate. Your Mercury can communicate, but it really doesn’t like talking about itself. And, on top of that, your Sun, which conjuncts Chiron, is currently in fall in Libra—giving you big I’m fine; how are you? energy.

Being in fall isn’t inherently bad, it just weakens the placement. The Sun is loud, bright, forceful, it loves to not necessarily make a scene, but to, you know, make their presence known. Libra is not a fan of that. Yes, they’re the social life of the party, but it’s through connection, bringing people together and aligning them. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Because of this, you might struggle with a sense of self-identity. As your Chiron tells us, to heal, you need to talk. It’s not going to be easy. But it’s going to help.

Continuing in the theme of what hurts you and how much you really should be expressing and talking through your emotions even if it’s insanely difficult: Moon sign! Yours is still in the third house, in Scorpio, also in fall, weakening the placement and marking it as a need for improvement. Scorpio is the fixed water sign, so it can be a little stubborn. However, if we think about what we know about water, the tiny shallow stream seems to run quickly, white water rapids over stones. It’s the deep lakes and rivers that barely seem to move at all. Scorpio holds hidden depths. Unfortunately for you, those hidden depths contain your emotions. You might find it quite difficult to actually suss out how you feel about a situation, another person, even yourself. Not to sound like a broken record, but: communicate! For this specifically, you might find communication with the self to be a lot more beneficial here—think something along the lines of mediation or journaling. It’s about hitting the dam until it breaks, letting the waters of emotions finally run free. But that’s just some food for thought.

Continuing forward, we see your Moon loosely conjunct your IC, which is kind of like the Moon, extended. The IC is sometimes called the subterranean, it marks the darkest point of the night in your chart. Because of this, it’s often considered a very reserved, very personal placement. It also starts off the fourth house! Your IC is in Scorpio, which we’ve already gotten into. This placement can make you a bit more mysterious and a bit more mystical, like there’s something about out that sits just below the surface that people just can’t seem to figure out. Well, odds are, you can’t figure it out either. This placement might leave you feeling like you are constantly reaching for something unknown. You can’t see in the murky depths, but if you swim a little deeper, you just might find something. Ending on a more positive note, this placement makes you fiercely loyal and grants you great passion.

Moving onto your fourth house, it’s in Scorpio and only has one planet in it: Pluto, planet of death. Which, in a word (or two), isn’t great. It can indicate struggles in childhood and a family that struggles with expression of self. You might have grown up in a house where you felt like you had to walk on eggshells because while everyone held very strong emotions, no one vocalized them. Pluto is here, which, yes, is the planet of death, but also of rebirth and transformation. This can indicate a transformation in adulthood, becoming anew in a phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes style. Your Pluto sits in Sagittarius. Pluto, being way out in the middle of nowhere, is a very slow moving planet, so the placement is going to be shared by many. However, not as many will have this placement in their fourth house. This, once again, can represent rebirth and a reconstruction of the world you previously knew. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. It’s bold, expansive placement. This can easily translate to you burning your past to the ground. However, due to its mutable modality, the step after this is not to move securely into your future. No, this implies a beginning of a journey, an epic quest of transformation that will tell you exactly what kind of home you want to build, because, right now, you just might not be sure exactly what you want out of your future home and family. Pluto encourages you to find out.

Aiding on this journey is your fifth house, the house of play, also in Sagittarius. The fifth house is where we find joy and pleasure, whether that be from making something new, discovering new favorite hobbies/pastimes, and, of course pleasure = sex. Because of the house’s ties to sex, it can also be associated with children, but looking at the rest of your chart, as well as the house being empty, it’s likely that children are not a very pressing concern for this house. In general, this placement is going to indicate that you find joy through discovery, trying something new. Go ziplining with your friends, pull a cross-country road trip, learn a new craft. Anything that keeps your mind engaged and your body active. You don’t find pleasure in the stagnant. (And, as a side note, 5th house is Sagittarius + Black Moon Lilith and Mars in Leo in the 1st house implies that sex is very often going to be good for you, but it has to be hot, passionate sex. Don’t hook up with some lame guy at the bar just to scratch that itch; it’ll probably leave you feeling grumpy. Make sure you have that wild chemistry first in order to reap full rewards. And always use protection!)

Moving onto your sixth house, Capricorn, housing both Jupiter and Neptune. The sixth house is often called the house of health, but it does not specify good or bad health. Good news: Jupiter, your minor benefic (primary benefic being Venus, since you were born at night), is here. This planet brings good luck, bounty, and prosperity. As this house is also associated with those under your responsibility (think: employees, pets) it means that you might find good luck in those particular arenas, whether it be finding the perfect person for a certain job or just finding the perfect pet to love. Considering its placement in Capricorn, the taskmaster sign, this can also mean that you will make a very good boss; you’re organized, efficient, and can get things started, but leave them to trusted others to carry them to the finish line. So, that’s the good news. What’s the bad news? Neptune. It’s in fall in Capricorn, marking this as (yet another) area your chart wants you to work on. Neptune is a very internal planet, it’s very spiritual, deep, pensive, slow. It’s associated with our dreams and subconscious, our sleep state. So, this could very easily translate to a struggle to really care for the physical body, simply because the task always seems Goliath and you never feel like you have the energy.

So, after that downer, let’s jump over to your house of relationships! The 7th house starts at the Descendant, which, four you, falls at 29º of Capricorn. With this placement, you’ll likely want a love with structure and stability, something that has very obvious rules to play by. Conjunct your Descendant is Uranus in domicile (meaning: at home in) in Uranus, favoring innovation. So, even though you do have your Descendant (and therefore your 7th house) in Capricorn, you’re still going to want a love you can evolve and improve in. Uranus is a very progressive, kind of off-kilter planet. This can easily signal that you will have a non-traditional love. For example, I know a couple who are getting married, but live separately. They’re in the same city, and still spend many nights over at the other’s place, but each wants a space to call wholly their own. The primary difference between progression and improvement in Virgo versus Aquarius (and, by extension, Uranus) is that Virgo believes in perfection. Virgo holds this idea that there is an end destination, and that final resting point is perfection. Aquarius and Uranus change for change’s sake, there is no stopping. The change is not always to improve, it’s just to disrupt the status quo. It does not stand still. And, as a cautionary note, Aquarius as a sign is very big-picture, it sees beyond the nitty gritty for this larger vision. Because of this, they can often come across as aloof and almost emotionless. Your Venus Virgo should actually work quite nicely to counter this, as Virgo is very detail oriented, but, circling back to communication, if you feel as if your lover looks past you, you need to tell them that! It’s fully possible that this is unintentional, that they’re love for you is deep, they just struggle to express it. Communicate!

Onto your final 7th house marker: your Vertex in Pisces. The Vertex is often considered the marker of the soulmate; it’s what you look for in a relationship. In this particular case, romance. Pisces is the hopeless romantic sign of the zodiac, they love building up fantasy dream lands and running away to hide in there. You want a love who will take your hand and run away with you into a world of your own making. Whether this be a picnic date that looks like it’s ripped right out of an old book from your childhood or even just grabbing the special caramel corn for movie night, you want a love that puts you on cloud nine. Who needs their feet to touch the ground, anyways?

Onto your eighth house, which, candidly, is quite rough. Since you were born at night, Saturn is your primary malefic (as opposed to Mars, your minor malefic). I think you can probably guess by this point that this planet is going to be in fall. But, since this is an outer planet, it moves slowly and therefore is “generational,” so you’ve got plenty of people in this boat with you. However, you’ve only got about 50% of people sharing the retrograde element, as the planet is retrograde roughly half the time. And, of course the 8th house placement is going to be a lot more unique to you. So, all the kids you went to school with have Saturn in fall, half of them have retrograde like you, but few of them have it in the eighth house, which is one of the more mysterious houses. A primary association with the eighth house is other people’s money, whether that be loans, wages, debts, inheritances, etc. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, duty, and diligence. It’s a very grave planet, stern and traditional. Normally, this would indicate a career in finance or accounting, but, let’s remember, yours is retrograde and in very impulsive Aries. The retrograde element flips the sign inside out, instead of being able to play by the rules, you find you struggle to apply rules to yourself. Aries is the cardinal fire sign. It loves beginnings. You’re always trying to start something, but you rarely execute on the follow through. This can also lead us to another signification of the eighth house: enemies. It’s likely that you will find your enemies manifesting in the form of those who try to trap you in a certain set of rules, that there is an order to follow and must not be broken from. This stands in stark contrast to your lover, who will be all about evolution. Flipside of this coin is, of course, your inability to apply yourself will make you some enemies. I’m not going to say: just apply yourself! because I know that’s not how it works. If it were that easy you wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. But, if you find yourself brewing bad blood, the onus is on you to apologize. Acknowledge your flaws, and make a very conscious effort not to drop the ball again. Communicate!

Continuing forward in this house, interestingly, the next placement we find is your South Node, which is often associated with past lives & the skills we brought over from them. This is also in Aries, 8th house. In this particular case, you might have found your past life to be riddled with bad luck, so very independent and active Aries learned to break free and fend for itself. You might find you have a gift for being alone and being hidden from the world. I am, once again, bringing up communication. Just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean it’s what you should be doing. The South Node indicates the past, where we’re coming from, and what we can leave behind as we move forward. Again, your North Node in Libra strongly favors communication and community. Don’t get trapped in your past.

Onto your ninth house, the house of expansion. This house deals with travel, philosophy, high education, and the alien or foreign. Your ninth house is in Aries, cardinal fire sign, leader of the zodiac. This sign is all about action, initiation, the striking of the match. Because of this, you might find a keenness to embark on adventures, whether they be physical travel or a journey of the mind. As we’ve discussed previously, your chart isn’t big on the follow through, but so what? The ninth house doesn’t have an ending point. There is no point at which expansion stops. As long as you gained something new, no action was pointless. You will likely grow into a very eclectic person with a million and one stories to tell.

Next up to bat is your tenth house and the Midheaven (MC), which is the starting marker of said house. The Midheaven is the highest point in the sky the day you were born—solar noon. It’s opposite the IC, which we established was very personal & hidden. The Midheaven is anything but. It’s all about reputation, career, how others view you. Yours is in stable, yet stubborn, Taurus, the sign of the bull. Taurus can get things done… eventually. You’re known to be dependable and loyal, but if someone actually needs a task completed, they know you’re not the one to go to. However, being ruled by Venus, Taurus has an eye for beauty and a taste for luxury. If someone needs help picking out the perfect dress/lamp/gift/whatever, you’re the person to ask.

The next house is your eleventh house, the house of friends, in Gemini. Gemini gets a bad rap, being associated with two-faced, unfaithful liars. I don’t know who started this smear campaign, but it simply is not true. Gemini is the mutable air sign, mutable meaning changing, air meaning communication. Given your chart’s hefty emphasis on the importance of communication, this is a wonderful placement. A Gemini conversation can be focused on your favorite local restaurants for the first ten minutes, the emotional scars your parents gave you for the next ten minutes, and the really cool book you just read for the final ten. It doesn’t ponder or dig deep, but it lets you talk and accepts wherever the conversation may flow. Your close friends will be some of your best confidants. 

Continuing on this high note: the final house, the twelfth house, in Cancer. Cancer is the cardinal water sign, nurturing, loving, emotional, just as we talked about with your rising. The 12th house is the house of endings, spirituality, death, rebirth, and then unknown. Now, you might be thinking, “I thought you said we’d be ending on a high note, this one’s falling flat,” but just hear me out: you only have one placement in this house—Fortuna. As the name implies, this is the place where you’ll find the greatest fortune, or luck. Your chart has heavy placement in the unknown, the unsure, that which is just beyond reach, the need for rebirth. Putting Fortuna here, in the sign of mothers, nurture, love, and growth, implies that you will conquer the challenges you chart sets out for you. 

Before we close out this reading, we’re just going to look at the aspects within an orb of 4º in your chart (meaning the connection between them is within four degrees from the exact measurement). There are five aspects we'll look at: the conjunction (two bodies within the same degree), the sextile (two bodies 60º apart), the square (two bodies 90º apart), the trine (two bodies 120º apart), and the opposition (two bodies 180º apart).

The strongest aspect in your chart is Uranus sextile Pluto; your transformative love will be the rebirth you need to shed the scars of your past. There’s also Mars sextile Sun conjunction Chiron; healing is an active process of starts, new beginnings. You stay energized and strong, but you don’t tear down others with your strength. Moon sextile Venus; relationships help ground you and enable prevent you from getting lost in yourself. Venus trine Jupiter; you will find good fortune and luxury, likely through work and an excellent team. Mercury square Jupiter; you bring joy to others with your words, & that helps you feel joyous, too. Sun square Neptune; your sense of self feels severed from any deeper meaning or spiritual understanding. Pluto trine Saturn rx; your rebirth is not going to be a structured, bullet-list plan. It’s going to be more of an unearthing rather than a simple staircase up. Uranus sextile Saturn rx; transformation and inspiration come from breaking the rules. Ascendant trine Saturn; you come across as structured and capable. Flipside is Ascendant opposite Uranus; you constantly shock others and they struggle to get a definitive read on you. Adding onto this: Ascendant trine Pluto; there is something about you that is beyond the known and centered on rebirth. Midheaven opposite Moon; your professional career is not rooted in your emotions. And, finally: Midheaven square Mars; you are aggressive and assertive in professional field, but take caution not to step on too many toes.