Astrological Readings

Natal Chart Reading

A natal chart, or birth chart, is a diagram displaying what the heavens looked like at the time of your birth. An example is presented on the right of my own personal birth chart.
From this diagram, your chart can be "read" to tell you about your life and self. The act of reading a natal chart is similar to the act of translating a poem. Words are the building blocks, but it's the way they're strung together that builds the poem. The best translations capture the energy and feeling of the poem rather than go for a direct translation. In a natal chart, there are the planets (along with some mathematical markers), the signs, and the houses. Each element has their own meaning when they stand alone, but when they all begin to interact and play off of one another in a chart—well, that's where we get we get the wonderful poem that is you.

A natal chart reading will be a written document roughly 5,000 words in length, or about 14 to 16 pages, double spaced. The reading will account for all eight planets (& Pluto!), Chiron, Fortuna, the Vertex, the North & South Nodes, as well as Black Moon Lilith. All twelve houses will be read using the Placidus House System (yes, even the ones that are empty) with appropriate emphasis on the Ascendant, IC, Descendant, and Midheaven. Any major aspects within an orb of 4º will also be acknowledged and explained. You can expect your chart reading within 1-2 days of your order. You can find a sample reading here.