New Moon Manifestation Ritual

You will need:

  • Representation of each of the four elements
    • Earth can be represented by plants or stones, or even something as simple as dirt from your own backyard
    • Water can be represented by water (from your very own tap!) or by an item associated with water, such as sand or shells
    • Air can be represented by incense (or any other type of smoke cleansing), or by music/sound
    • Fire can be represented by a candle flame (or even the previously mentioned burning incense), or, if you’re uncomfortable burning anything, red/orange/yellow crystals, an unlit candle, or a box of matches also work

Gather together your four elements and display them in a clean, peaceful place and sit comfortably in front of them. Write down an intention—what it is you’re trying to manifest. As a small note: this is a time of bringing things towards you, not pushing them away. Avoid using negative words or phrases. For example, instead of writing down I won’t let my anxiety control me, say I will control my anxiety. Once your intention is written down on a piece of paper, meditate on it. If you are unaccustomed to meditation, guided breathing also works! Try to keep your intention on your mind, if anything else enters your head, don’t push it away, just let it pass by, paying it no mind, and keep focusing on your intention. You can do this for just a couple minutes, or, if you feel so inspired, longer. Afterwards, keep your written intention in a place where you can see it and be frequently reminded of it. Happy New Moon!