Newsletter - September 26th

October is right on the horizon! Months seem to be flying by as we get closer and closer to 2022 (!!) but rather than focus on the passage of time, let’s focus on the moment while we’re in it. And this gorgeous moment smells like cinnamon, clove, and pumpkin spice!

The Week Ahead

Monday, September 27th → Mercury went retrograde late last night. I know, it’s a scary sound; most of us don’t know what Mercury retrograde means beyond bad. But let’s break it down a little bit (after all, the first step of overcoming fear is gaining understanding). Mercury is the planet of communication and coordination; when he is retrograde, this is all thrown into a tizzy. It makes it harder to communicate with loved ones and coworkers, and tech tends to be a bit unreliable in this time. That’s it. Now that we know what it is, we can be aware & prepare. To combat the campaign against communication, try cleansing your energy before things start tripping over each other. You also might want to get your hands on some Amazonite, Blue Calcite, or Lapis Lazuli—all these stones are associated with the throat chakra (as are almost any other blue crystals) and help you speak your truth, unencumbered, and be heard. And one additional piece of advice: leave a paper trail. In a season of miscommunication and missed connection, get everything in writing. Mercury retrograde lasts until October 18th.

Tuesday, September 28th The moon enters its final quarter today. It also moves out of Gemini into Cancer, the cardinal water sign. Cancer is a sign of sensitivity and feeling the deep well of your emotions. When the moon is in Cancer, we feel everything a little deeper, and this generally sparks a desire for us to retreat to our “home” space: what makes us feel comfortable, cozy, and loved. As the weather gets colder and colder, today might be the perfect day to put on a fun pair of socks and cuddle up with a loved one. 

Wednesday, September 29th There are two things in the stars for us today. In the morning, Venus trines Neptune. Then, later in the afternoon, the Sun trines Saturn. Consider these your lucky stars for today. When Venus trines Neptune (especially when these two sit in Scorpio and Pisces, respectively), a harmonious energy is created for love—not just romantic love, but a creative love love as well: love for art and for the act of making. (Maybe today’s the day to try henna tattoos?) When the Sun trines Saturn it creates a time for payoff. You’ve sowed seeds throughout Virgo season and beyond; it is finally time to appreciate your labor. Sun trine Saturn brings recognition and celebration for the work you’ve done, and also encourages you to acknowledge others’ work, and let them know they are appreciated. Today is the day to impart any wisdom you have.

Thursday, September 30th→ Today, fast moving Venus squares Jupiter. The planet of love still resides in Scorpio, and Jupiter, king of the planets, sits in progressive & independant Aquarius. The tension that the square creates between these two planets pushes one towards luxury and indulgence, and has a tendency to drag us away from any hard labor. Don’t worry, this square only lasts a couple days. Rather than fight feeling, relax, rejuvenate, and maybe get something fun for yourself. Be ready to hit the ground running as October starts.

Friday, October 1st → It’s the first day of October! (Or, as I personally like to think of it as: Halloween 1st.) Those born in October are said to be romantic, charismatic, and, as a fun statistical fact, are more likely to become president. October 1st also holds a waning crescent moon in Leo—the new moon is fast on the horizon. As the lunar cycle comes to a close, take a moment to breathe and reassess. You are like any other living thing: you grow. Is there anything in your life that needs to be pruned in order for you to flourish? Utilize the strength and courage the Leo moon offers to complete the cleansing the waning moon encourages.

Saturday, October 2nd Saturday belongs to the planet Saturn and the signs Aquarius and Capricorn (read: signs that get things done). Saturday is the perfect day to take stock of what you have. As advised by the waning moon, cleanse, banish, protect. Sage, palo santo, or selenite can all be used to achieve this goal, or, for an even simpler option, sprinkle a little salt on your doorway, or keep a small dish of it in any particular room you’d like to cleanse.

Sunday, October 3rd → Later today, Mercury will trine Jupiter. This transit will last roughly a day or so. The harmony created between the communication planet and the planet of plenty offers a brief reprieve from the chaos of Mercury retrograde. This trine brings good luck and good news. Just don’t let the retrograde get you! Now is not the time to look a gift horse in the mouth. Rather, accept the good things as they come, don’t mull over them for so long that they become bitter. Enjoy today.

A Message from Monarch

Crystals are in! Stop by and check out the new crystal hearts we have (both in large and small), our rough rose quartz, cut base amethyst, and more! Another thing we have curated for you: Mercury retrograde survival kits. You’re gonna make it. Our featured item this week is our fun socks; check out the nine different patterns we have. Socks will be (roughly) 10% off through Saturday (8/2)

POSTSCRIPT: It has to be said. The phrase is “Mercury retrograde,” not “Mercury IN retrograde.” Retrograde is an action; it is when Mercury shifts gears and starts to move backwards across our skies. It’s just an optical illusion caused by the difference in speeds between Mercury’s orbit and ours, but, nevertheless, it is a verb. Just like you cannot be “in walking,” Mercury cannot be “in retrograde.” Feel free to use this knowledge to gain some astrology (or astronomy!) clout among your friends. See you next week!