Newsletter - September 19th

Hello & welcome to the brand new Monarch Newsletter! We here at the Monarch team have stitched together a little something to send out weekly, keeping you all posted on the happenings on within our store, in Marin, & in the universe in general.

The Week Ahead

Monday, September 20th → Monday opens the week with a full moon in Pisces—the Harvest Moon. The vibrant energy of the full moon mingles with the creative energy of the closing sign of the zodiac to create a day full of spirit. In astrology, the moon rules over your emotions, and tends to harbor the sides of you that you may keep hidden from the rest of the world. Pisces is a mutable water sign—mutable meaning change, water meaning emotion. Pisces is a sign that represents imagination, creativity, sensitivity, and is the sign for hopeless romantics. Pair this with a full moon, and emotions will likely run high today. Keep this in mind while we’re in stable Virgo, and try not to spin too far out of control, but know that we’re all in this boat together. Let compassion rule today.

Tuesday, September 21st → Tuesday holds a waning gibbous moon in Aries. Aries is a proud sign, the strong ram & the leader of the zodiac. This time brings passion, strength, and zeal to your day, but remember the waning moon. This is the best time to let go, cleanse, and re-align, not take on new projects.

Wednesday, September 22nd → It’s the autumnal equinox! This day focuses on both balance and harvest. Celebrate it by going on a hike or enjoying a meal at a farm to table restaurant. Some of our team’s favorite local hikes include Cascade Falls, the Dipsea Steps, and Phoenix Lake. An equinox means we’re at a point where the day is just as long as the night—a final point of balance before the scales tip and it becomes dark more often than it is light. Speaking of scales… it’s also the start of Libra season! Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by the planet Venus. Cardinal signs usually deal with beginnings (each cardinal sign starts off a season, Aries in spring, Cancer in summer, Libra in fall, and Capricorn in winter). Air signs favor communication and connection, and Venus is the notorious planet of love. Welcome to cuffing season.

Thursday, September 23rd → The moon will be switching from Aries over to Taurus early this morning. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign; fixed meaning stable (stubborn), and Earth meaning grounded. This is a great time to get your feet under you after the passionate energy of the Aries moon. Take this time to appreciate what you have; this time does not favor change, but rather acknowledging the world right in front of you.

Friday, September 24th → It’s Friday! If you look into the etymology of Friday, you find many good signs. Friday comes to us both from Late Latin’s day of Venus and Old English’s Frigg’s day or Freya’s day. The common thread through all of these? Goddesses of love, beauty, sex, fertility, and marriage. Friday is also associated with Taurus, the sign the moon is currently in, a very material sign. Today is a great day to live a little luxe, and splurge on something you’ve been wanting for a while.

Saturday, September 25th → Later today, the moon will be moving out of stable Taurus and into communicative Gemini. Use this time of enhanced dialogue to forward your career, but beware the fluctuation of moods in this mutable sign. Remember that this, too, shall pass, and not every fleeting feeling needs a monologue attached to it.

Sunday, September 26th → Sunday is, unsurprisingly, the day of the Sun. To best harness this confident, vibrant energy, try wearing gold jewelry or jewelry set with amber, citrine, carnelian, or topaz. Other ways to appreciate the energy of the sun are getting a bouquet of beautiful flowers at the Sunday Farmer’s Market at the Civic Center, or even just taking ten minutes to lounge around in the sun.

Messages from Monarch

The featured item of the week is our gold mesh bracelet. Made out of bronze with a snap clasp, it’s super easy to put on and get off by yourself—a very important quality in bracelets. This item will be 10% off through Saturday (9/25).