Newsletter - October 3rd

We’ve got a week full of starts, from the new moon starting the lunar cycle to the start of the Mill Valley Film Festival! (And hopefully the weather finally starts to settle into something more appropriate for October so our fall wardrobes can start, too.)

The Week Ahead

Monday, October 4th → Today, the moon is in Virgo, a very methodical and particular sign. In this time, we often find ourselves sorting our lives into two very basic categories: good and bad. Don’t be afraid of this habit; instead, use it. Take time to appreciate the good you have, maybe draft a couple plans to cleanse out the bad. Just don’t let things spin too far out of control. Mercury, the planet that rules Virgo, need I remind you, is still in retrograde. If you find yourself running over and over an idea so many times that it starts to make you sick, take a pause. Virgo to kick the brain into gear, just redirect this energy to a crossword puzzle or a board game.

Tuesday, October 5th Today is National Pumpkin Seed Day, a holiday we apparently have! As October has officially kicked into gear and Halloween decorations are already starting to crop up, why not celebrate this mini-holiday by visiting a local pumpkin patch, carving a jack-o’-lantern, and toasting up some pumpkin seeds?

Wednesday, October 6th Tonight is the new moon! The new moon is, quite literally, a blank slate—the moon is in between us and the sun right now, meaning none of the sun’s rays are reflected back to us. There is no moonlight tonight. So what do we do about this? Well, the new moon is often viewed as a beginning; it’s the perfect time to sow seeds and let them grow throughout the lunar cycle, culminating in the full moon. If you want to try manifestation, now would be a perfect time. Check out our new moon manifestation ritual here!

Thursday, October 7th → Today is the first day of the Mill Valley Film Festival! Running from October 7th to the 17th, the internationally acclaimed event will be screening all types of films, from new movies like Dune and The French Dispatch to old favorites like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Princess Diaries. And if you happen to be by the Sequoia Theatre, why not pop into the cute little shop right next door. I think it’s called Monarch?

Friday, October 8th → Venus has recently moved out of moody Scorpio into buoyant Sagittarius. This means love will be shifting from the deep, intense connection to just one person to a more outward, free love towards all people. Presently, however, this free-spirited love stands in contrast to the moon in Scorpio. That intense, brooding love is still taking up residence in you. Don’t try anything rash today, even though the stars pulling at your heart might want you to. The moon will move out of Scorpio Saturday afternoon. Stay steady til then.

Saturday, October 9th There’s something special in the stars today: a triple conjunction between the Sun, Mercury, and Mars. In layman’s terms, right now, all these planets are sitting right on top of each other. But what does this mean? Well, in a word, intense. The sun brings a fiery energy to Mars’s already aggressive nature, and Mercury drags this all towards the forefront of our communication. A word of advice? Channel this energy, don’t run from it. Put it towards a competitive game or use it to fight for something you know you deserve. Don’t try to push these feelings down—they’re corrosive. If you don’t let them out, they’re going to break free on their own terms.

Sunday, October 10th → Saturn retrograde, which started in late May, is finally over! The planet is going direct again. The time of a more listless, unstructured way of work is over. Saturn going direct again means it will be easier to put up boundaries and lay down rules. Fortify yourself.

A Message from Monarch

We’re all trying to walk the wardrobe line of wanting to dress fall in 85º weather. Our solution? Cotton tunics. Select cotton tunics will be 10% off through Saturday (10/9).