Newsletter - October 31st

Happy Halloween! November starts tomorrow, then, before you blink, it’ll be December, and, next thing you know, we’ll be in 2022. The passage of time really can make your head spin sometimes. But we here at Monarch are so happy to have (almost) made it through the year, and we thank each and every one of you for your patronage. We hope you had a lovely October, and we’re wishing you a very spooky Halloween!

The Week Ahead

Monday, November 1st → The messenger planet Mercury starts off this week by bringing us some much needed luck; late last night, he trined generous Jupiter. This time brings optimism and socialization, and can tee you up for some wonderful journeys, whether they be mental or actual travel. This transit will make you chatty; lean into it! Now might be the perfect time to find a new lifelong friend.

Tuesday, November 2nd → Very early this morning, Mercury moved into a square with Pluto. Pluto is named for the Roman god of the underworld; it ruled death, rebirth, and riches. It is a bit darker of a planet, ruling over things we typically would rather not talk about. It just got a direct line to the communication planet. And, given Scorpio season, things are going to have a tendency to get real deep real fast. Pair this with Moon in Libra and today’s the day flirting’s going to end up sounding a lot more like philosophy. I’m not saying don’t ask your crush/S.O. what happens after we die, just, if you feel compelled to do so, know why.

Wednesday, November 3rd → Since this week is so focused on how we communicate with others, it’s only right that we acknowledge the significance of the middle day of the week. Wednesday is the day of communication, ruled by none other than this week’s favorite planet: Mercury. The Romans referred to this day as Mercurii dies, Mercury’s day, which is where we get the connection from. However, you might notice that Wednesday sounds nothing like Mercurii dies (especially compared to Spanish’s miércoles or French’s mercredi). That’s because we get the word from Old English’s Wōdnesdæg: Odin’s day. Odin is a primary deity in Norse mythology, god of war, wisdom, magic, death, and poetry. This keeps in the theme the stars have set. Just be wary! Deep conversations aren’t inherently bad, becoming overly defensive or tearing down other people’s belief is. Put respect first during this time.

Thursday, November 4th → Happy Diwali! Diwali occurs annually on the new moon (referred to as Amavasya in the Hindu calendar; this year the Moon is in Scorpio) during Kārtika, the eighth month of the lunar year. It is also known as the Festival of Lights. This holiday honors Lakshmi, goddess of beauty, wealth, and prosperity. Lakshmi favors clean, well lit spaces, so, for Diwali, houses are cleaned from top to bottom and filled with dozens of little candles. Sweets are also offered to the goddess and rangolis, a traditional art form using colorful sands and flours, are made at the entrance of the house, in hopes of bringing a prosperous year to the household. From everyone on the Monarch team, we wish you a happy Diwali!

Friday, November 5th → Yep, we’re still talking about Mercury! Today, the fast moving messenger planet enters Scorpio, joining the Sun, Mars, and the Moon. Intense. Fear not, because in just a couple hours, the Moon will move over into Sagittarius. Well, actually, you can still fear a little bit. Your planet of communication and your planet of aggression, as well as the strong, vibrant Sun, all find themselves in the dark waters of Scorpio. Truth trumps kindness in this time. This goes both ways: you’re going to be able to suss out the truth from others, and vice versa. Your lies will not hold during this transit, no, not even the white ones. Embrace honesty, and use Scorpio’s intuition to figure out exactly how you’re going to say what you mean. This transit will last for a little bit over two weeks, until the Sun enters Sagittarius on the 21st.

Saturday, November 6th → Guess what planet is relevant today? If you guessed Mercury, congratulations! You’ve hit the nail on the head: the planet of the week has sextiled Venus. If you have a love confession you’ve been waiting to unburden yourself of, now is the time to run through an airport or stand outside in the pouring rain. Scorpio is an excellent sign for epic romance, and Capricorn, where Venus currently resides offers stable, steady, true love (& the pairing together totally favores a big speech).

Sunday, November 7th → There’s a small gift waiting for you on Sunday, but it doesn’t come from the stars. Nope, today, you get time! One hour to be precise. Be sure to set your clocks back, because today is the day Daylight Savings Time officially ends! Use your time wisely, and have an excellent week.

A Message from Monarch

Our crossbody bags are back in! It’s been a while, but we’ve finally been able to restock our super convenient & cute crossbodies/wristlets/wallets (the straps are detachable, offering you the versatility you need). We have also got in more soft shawls! If you missed the color you wanted last time, hurry in and be sure to get it this round. Our featured item of this week is our Lakshmi with Coin statue. Here’s to a bountiful Diwali! The statue will be 10% off through Saturday (11/6).