Newsletter - October 24th

Welcome to the Halloweek! Though, I must say, nothing Halloween has to offer is really as scary as this rain. We encourage you all to stay safe in this time. You can report any flooded roads or downed trees to Marin’s Department of Public Works Roads at (415) 473-7388. But, don’t worry, if you have shopping that needs to get done, Monarch will continue to be open through the storm, we will just be closing roughly an hour earlier than we normally do, so plan accordingly.

The Week Ahead

Monday, October 25th → This afternoon, the Moon will move out of loquacious Gemini into soft-spoken, sensitive Cancer. Pair this with the Sun in Scorpio, and emotions may run high today. Ride the waves. The stars remain padded in the air signs, keeping communication stable. Focus on feeling your truth today, keeping your heart steady and open, and let any negative thoughts flow through you like water. Work on fully understanding yourself, how you feel, and what you want. You’ll need this for the upcoming transit. 

Tuesday, October 26th → Today we’ll see Venus square Neptune, one of the more dangerous transits, as it tends to cloud the truth in fleeting feelings masquerading as true emotion. This transit can heighten insecurities and vulnerability, and all but ushers us into a Neptunian dream world where everything is good, kind, and gentle. Know that this is the siren’s song; do not go gentle. This transit can cause you to see things that are not there, fall for things that are not real, and opens you up to a new form of vulnerability. Understand the difference between how you want the world to be and how the world actually is. Don’t pour your energy into something that isn’t real. This transit will last through the 30th. 

Wednesday, October 27th → Know that the stars aren’t all harbingers of doom. If you have successfully secured yourself against the Neptunian fog, bounty might very well find you in the upcoming days while Venus sextiles Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, and Venus, as we all know, is the planet of love. If you remain true to yourself and dedicate this time to acknowledging things as they really are, you might end up finding something truly wonderful during this transit.

Thursday, October 28th → Today the Moon reaches its final quarter (half moon) in Leo. It’s time to burn bright. Use the energy of the fire signs to be the bright beam of light that evaporates the heavy morning haze. Venus is in Sagittarius, may your heart shoot straight, and, as of this morning, the Moon is in Leo, let your emotions lead with pride. 

Friday, October 29th →  The stars aren’t quite done testing you yet. On Friday, the Sun squares Saturn, pitting us against our responsibilities. There can only be one winner—make sure it’s you. This transit can sometimes make it feel like you have way too much on your plate. Just take things one step at a time; this will only last about two days. Anticipate an influx of work coming at you and plan accordingly.

Saturday, October 30th → Mars has followed the Sun into the sign of the scorpion! While in Libra, the planet of aggression struggled to find its voice in the diplomatic & people-pleasing sign of the scales. We’re leaving that behind as we enter Scorpio. This period is meant for you to chase after what you desire, no more soft spoken behavior! The Moon will also enter Virgo today, offering a more stable slide into Mars. You’ll find it easier to parse through your emotions during this transit, which, in turn, should help you vocalize them.

Sunday, October 31st → Happy Halloween! Halloween, or the at least old holidays that we derive Halloween from, used to be a time to celebrate the end of the harvest and the last of the light before we plunge into winter. Nowadays, we celebrate by dressing up and passing out (& eating!) candies, but, if you’re interested in celebrating the holiday in a more traditional way, it’s actually a lot easier than one might think. One common celebration is a feast with loved ones; a potluck makes for a great modern equivalent. Plates of food are often set out for those who have passed, as it is believed by many that this is the time when the veil thins, and those who have left us can return to share a meal. Another typical form of celebration is a bonfire, though a backyard fire will certainly do the trick. Since this time is considered the new year by the pagan calendar, casting away bad habits into the flames and making new commitments for the year can be an excellent way to celebrate. 

A Message from Monarch

However you choose to celebrate, we here at Monarch are wishing you a very happy winter. We’re currently in the midst of securing all the wonderful gifts you’ll hopefully give & receive this upcoming holiday season, including more scarves, purses, and soap rocks! In honor of being stuck home all day due to the weather, we’ve picked an artistic endeavor for our featured item of the week: henna! If you’re nervous trying it out for the first time, don’t worry; we’ve built this handy Guide to Henna just for you. Henna will be 10% through Saturday (10/30).