Newsletter - October 17th

The Mill Valley Film Festival might be winding down but we here at Monarch are still going strong! We keep moving further and further into the cozy seasons, with the weather becoming very supportive of scarves, shawls, and the like, and (!!) we might actually be getting some rain this week. It seems like the perfect time to bundle up, light a candle, & get cozy!

The Week Ahead

Monday, October 18th → You made it! Mercury goes direct at around 8 this morning; retrograde is officially over. Mercury will continue to move forward in the sign of Libra, the same sign the Sun and Mars currently reside in, creating a sense of harmony and ability when it comes to negotiation and maybe even flirtation. The Sun will be first to exit this sign on the 22nd, followed soon by Mars leaving on the 30th. Mercury exits Libra in early November. But, until then, use this energy to finally get what you’ve been chasing after.

Tuesday, October 19th → The Moon is one of the fastest moving bodies across our skies, moving in and out of aspects (trine, square, sextile) throughout the day! Today’s lunar aspects include a Moon trine Venus, a great time to voice your emotions about your relationships, assuming you’re both awake for this transit (it occurs at about 3:30am). Then, later tonight, it will sextile Jupiter, which brings good cheer and optimism. The final aspect for the day will be opposing Mars, which will light a fire under your emotions. Rather than get into an unnecessary argument, make sure you’re tucked into bed before this aspect occurs at around 11:30pm.

Wednesday, October 20th → It’s the Full Moon! This moon is known as Hunter’s Moon. It always follows the Harvest Moon, which date is determined by the autumnal equinox. It can also be called the Sanguine Moon, but, this year, it is not the Blood Moon. Blood Moon is just an overdramatic name for a lunar eclipse—the stars don’t align for that until November. This full moon will be in Aries, the cardinal fire sign. It’s bold, strong, and daring, and can sometimes find itself in contrast to the more secretive, watery depths protected by the moon. Add in the vibrant energy of the Full Moon, and, well, today might be a bit of a doozy. Your emotions might feel like they’re bursting out of youchest, but just hold on a little longer! At about 1pm today, the moon will move into dependable Taurus.

Thursday, October 21st → Today, Mars squares Pluto. This transit is about power, more specifically, power over others. If you’re jumping at this opportunity, maybe rethink how you view others in your life. However, if you plan on sitting on the sidelines for this one, you might want to rethink that, too. The aspect puts blood in the water, and you’re either predator, or you’re prey. Let the war planet and the planet of riches give you the fortitude to project loud and clear: you are not one to be messed with. Just don’t let the transit go to your head. The square will be over by Sunday.

Friday, October 22nd → It’s Scorpio season! Well, technically, it’s not quite Scorpio season yet, the Sun won’t move into that sign until about 9 tonight, but, swings and roundabouts: it’s Scorpio season. What does this mean? Well, Scorpio is the fixed water sign. Are you familiar with the old proverb still waters run deep? It’s generally painted out to be the more moody, secretive, & sultry sign. Gone are the days of the light, fun flirations of Libra season. As the days get darker, so might your mood, but the bonds forged during Scorpio season are some of the strongest and most intense, and can help carry you through.

Saturday, October 23rd → Today, the Moon moves into Gemini, giving our well of emotions a very communicative outlet. We’re definitely easing the slide from Libra to Scorpio here; this transit still encourages the light, playful conversations found in Libra season, don’t forget the Sun in watery Scorpio. The Gemini Moon will be tapping into emotions much stronger than what one might typically experience, giving what would normally be a very casual conversation an newfound depth.

Sunday, October 24th → We’ve entered the final countdown: there’s only one week left til Halloween. Falling on the same day as Halloween is actually the old Gaelic tradition from which we get Halloween: Samhain. A note! This is Gaelic. It is not pronounced Samhane (sæmheɪn), but rather Sowwin (saʊɪn). A couple Halloween traditions we get from this old holiday include Halloween costumes, jack-o-lanterns, and trick or treating!

A Message from Monarch

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