Newsletter - October 10th

The Film Festival is in full swing, the weather has finally gotten cold, and we’ve stocked up on our coziest shawls, so I think you can say fall has officially started here in Mill Valley!

The Week Ahead

Monday, October 11th Today the moon will move into Capricorn, the sign of the sea goat. Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign; it is orderly, focused, efficient. Capricorn gets things done. During this transit, you might find yourself wanting to take stock of what you have and put yourself in a motion to make moves for the future. A waxing moon in the first house is absolutely in your favor for this; take those steps and start that change!

Tuesday, October 12th Tuesday is a fiery, passionate day ruled by Mars. It’s a go-getter, with the red planet guiding you to take what you want with gusto. But—and this is a big but—right now, the aforementioned red planet is currently in diplomatic Libra, who is not a go-getter, and would very much rather you politely ask for what you want in perhaps a stimulating intellectual conversation. You might find these two energies warring inside of you today. Use the current Libra transit to figure out what kind of communication a situation best warrants, whether that be the finesse of an air sign or the force of Mars.

Wednesday, October 13th Today, Venus will sextile Saturn. This is another “soft” aspect, that is, it’s considered a bit lucky. These planets should bring harmony and a new sense of love to your responsibilities. You will be reaping your good karma today. The moon also reaches its first quarter today! How are you best nurturing your goals?

Thursday, October 14th Staying in the theme of lucky stars, the Sun trines Jupiter today, basically guaranteeing good luck. The Sun rules over life and vitality, Jupiter over prosperity, they’re in the houses of career and money respectively, and they’re both in air signs, giving you the ability to perfectly articulate exactly why you deserve that promotion. Go get ’em, tiger!

Friday, October 15th The Sun will continue to trine Jupiter for the rest of the day today. We’re also looking at a moon in Aquarius. This is a sign suited towards the intellectual, which creates an interesting energy between it and the moon (ruler of our emotions, rather than our logical half), but sometimes this push-pull is the missing puzzle piece in order to best accomplish what we’re working towards. Later tonight, however, once it’s dark out, the moon will move into Pisces. This means it has already made a full cycle through the zodiac since we started this newsletter! A full moon is on the horizon.

Saturday, October 16th Now might be a good time to acknowledge that not all stars are lucky. Today, the Sun squares Pluto. As we’ve established, the Sun is life-giving, vibrant, expressive; Pluto stands in contrast to this. He’s named for the Roman god of wealth and the underworld, but death and the shadow self isn’t all he rules over. Pluto is also about rebirth and transformation. This is important to keep in mind while the Sun casts light over everything we’d much rather keep hidden this transit. Old fears might find themselves dredged up in this time, but rather than wallow, focus on how you’ve changed. It’s an old fear. It’s in the past. You have become a different person, grown, evolved, since that fear last had power over you. This transit will last through Monday. 

Sunday, October 17th It’s not all bad news! Yes, the Sun no longer trines Jupiter (good), instead squaring Pluto (bad), but as Mars marches forward, the red planet trines Jupiter! This is similar to the Sun trine Jupiter transit, both the Sun and Mars are passionate, vibrant celestial bodies, but Mars brings to it a specifically more aggressive slant. No more sitting on the sidelines! Chase the bounty that Jupiter provides.

A Message from Monarch

It’s been a busy week at Monarch! We have new soft shawls in, as well as matchboxes, paperweights, mermaid’s journals, Winnie the Pooh tablets, capice shell boxes, bird trays, and, our featured item of the week: our mermaid statues! Both statues will be 10% off through Saturday (10/16).