Newsletter - November 7th

There’s that fall chill in the air. Lucky for you, we remain stocked up in our soft shawls, patterned silk scarves, woven silk scarves, cotton scarves, rayon scarves, capes, & patterned socks. It’s time to embrace your inner snuggle bunny! Stay cozy and stay safe; there are some choppy waters ahead. 

The Week Ahead

Monday, November 8th → Last week we talked about a stellium in Scorpio—this means we have three (or more!) planets all crowded into the same sign. We’re still in the midst of our stellium in Scorpio, with the Sun, Mars, and Mercury bringing us into the murky depths, but, today, we have another party in the stars. This one is hosted in Capricorn, the diligent sea goat, and Venus, the Moon, and Pluto are all invited. Unlike the stellium in Scorpio, which is very external, dealing with how we engage with others, this stellium is more internal, focusing on the emotions washing around inside us. However, these planetary bodies find themselves in a very practical sign, not lending itself to wallowing. You might find yourself feeling torn in this time, with Scorpio dredging up powerful emotions to put on display for others while Capricorn desperately tries to sort everything into nicely labelled boxes. Embrace both. Allow the earth sign to categorize your feelings so you can better articulate them through the water sign. This transit will be over by the 10th.

Tuesday, November 9th → When you have a whole bunch of planets in one sign, all moving at different speeds, at one point or another, they’re bound to overlap. That’s what’s happening today. Mercury and Mars sit right on top of one another, forming what we call a conjunction, an aspect that essentially fuses the two signs, magnifying their intensity. This time, it’s intellect and aggression. Arguments. This doesn’t always have to be bad. You can use this energy today to activate and make some astounding breakthroughs. Or, of course, you could use today to pick a fight and trash some relationships. Be conscious of what you’re doing. The aforementioned stellium in Capricorn, especially with loving Venus there, should aid you and offer some tact. Understand the line you must walk.

Wednesday, November 10th → Mercury and Mars are still nestled together, meaning whatever aligns with one planet automatically aligns with the other. Today, that’s Saturn, forming a square with both our planets. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s going to be a bit rough. Today might be an excellent day to keep to yourself—the stars are warning of clashes with authority today, and with Mercury and Mars still sitting so close together, you mind find it a lot harder to bite your tongue. If you can, set aside some time today for mediation, journaling, or peaceful reflection. Try to calm the storm brewing inside you.

Thursday, November 11th → In some better news, the Sun will trine Neptune today! Trines are a much more harmonious aspect; this particular one links you to inspiration and spiritualism, especially considering their current residency in Scorpio and Pisces, respectively. This should open your heart to others and promote empathy, but be wary of the Mercury/Mars square Saturn, which is still holding on in the sky. There is still a volatile energy in the air, and while this trine might help soothe the burn, to ignore conflict currently underway would be unwise. We will exit the square tomorrow. The trine will last til Saturday.

Friday, November 12th → Mercury and Mars are now apart! Saturn floats out of the square! And all is well. Today still offers the Sun trine Neptune, as previously mentioned, but packs an extra inspirational punch as the waxing moon moves into Pisces. Today is the perfect day for art, creation, and connection, whatever that looks like to you. This is not about creating for the sake of creating—this is about expression. Let the emotions and imagination brought up by the Moon and Neptune in Pisces pour out into something beautiful. Who knows? Epiphany might be found today.

Saturday, November 13th → Mercury enters yet another hard aspect as it moves into opposition with innovative Uranus. Hope you used that Neptunian breather wisely! These two airy planets put the pedal to the metal as things start to rapidly shift around us. With the planet of change’s energy pitted against speedy Mercury, unforeseen disruptions are definitely in the cards. The best advice for the transit? Expect the unexpected. If something important needs to happen, give yourself some extra padding, do not expect everything to go off without a hitch. Stay vigilant. This transit only lasts one day.

Sunday, November 14th → Just because we’ve been released from the grip of Mercury opposite Uranus doesn’t mean the energy dies down! Enter: Sun square Jupiter. Now, I know this might cause initial worry as squares haven’t received the best rap so far, but this aspect can actually produce quite the yield. It creates an activating energy between you and the bounty you seek. And, as Mercury and Saturn have exited all of their pesky aspects, today is the perfect time to align yourself from some external success (think: finances, career, etc).

A Message from Monarch

The holidays are fast approaching! If there’s anything that you’re really hoping that we’ll get in, don’t leave it up to chance! Feel free to contact us, our phone number is (415) 388 2763. Our featured item this week are our selenite wands, perfect for cleansing & purifying a space. They will be 10% off through Saturday (11/13).