Newsletter - November 14th

We’re fast approaching that gift giving season! There’s a giddiness in the air as you wait in anticipation to see somebody’s face light up when they realize you’ve gotten them the perfect gift. Flipside: there’s an anxious tension as you realize you want to get them the perfect gift, but you don’t know what to buy. Family owned stores local to you are, in my opinion, always a great place to begin. Maybe try a small store on Throckmorton, Monarch, I hear it’s delightful. 

The Week Ahead

Monday, November 15th → We start off the week with a waxing gibbous Moon in Aries. The energy is definitely building up to something big. In a very literal sense, it’s building to the lunar eclipse on Friday. But as the Moon rules over the personal, you might find the feeling that there’s something building up in your life. Aries is the cardinal fire sign and the traditional leader of the zodiac. Things can easily find themselves in inception on Monday, especially on an emotional level.

Tuesday, November 16th → A word to the wise: keep anything that has begun on an emotional level. Today is not the day to press things into action. The Sun sextiles Pluto, offering illumination to the planet of transformation—that is all fine and dandy. But, at the same time, Mars, planet of action, is pitted opposite Uranus, planet of innovation. Trying to create something new can cause an explosion, and heads will surely butt. Move with tact today. Mars opposite Uranus will last through Friday.

Wednesday, November 17th → But the stars aren’t leaving you entirely high and dry during this transit. Aiding in steady behavior is the Moon in stable Taurus (it entered the sign of the bull last night). This should calm the internal storm stirred up by the Aries Moon. The Taurus Moon will also find itself in conjunction with Uranus at around 6pm tonight. Try to ground yourself in the fixed earth of Taurus, otherwise you might feel like you’re in white water rapids.

Thursday, November 18th → It’s not all gloom and doom in the stars! Today we’re seeing Venus trine Uranus & Mercury trine Neptune, two various harmonious aspects. Mars opposite Uranus is still raging in the sky, but this is our aloe vera. This activates your imagination, spirit, and love, hopefully quelling the aggression spurred by Mars. The Venus trine will outlast the Mars opposition. You’re going to want to start creating and maybe embark on something new. As long as you remember the warning in the stars, you should be safe to begin. 

Friday, November 19th → Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: the Blood Moon! That’s right, early this morning, there was a lunar eclipse. This occurs when the Sun and Moon sit on opposite sides of us & are aligned on the ecliptic, causing the Earth’s shadow to be cast upon the Moon, dying the celestial body and orangey-red. This is often viewed as a time of change and unearthed truths. Brace yourself for what you might hear today. The full Moon occurs in Taurus, but quickly moves over into Gemini. New information might send you into a tailspin. Practice your calm, receptive, understanding reactions. Use Gemini’s adaptability to ride the waves the Moon will doubtlessly generate.

Saturday, November 20th → Those planets in Scorpio stay busy. In the stars today, we’ll see Mars sextile Venus, Mercury sextile Pluto, & Mercury square Jupiter. Reads like a lot on paper (or on email 😄), I know. But what does it actually mean? Well, for starters, our first aspect places the planet of love and romance in harmony with the planet of sex and aggression. The transit is about being thirty, flirty, and thriving! (Or whatever age it is you might be.) Mercury sextile Pluto also adds an intriguing depth to conversation today. You will probably find yourself connecting to people on a much deeper level today. The final aspect the stars offer is Mercury square Jupiter. Keeping in our theme of exhilarating conversation, this alignment creates an electricity between the planet of communication and the planet of good luck. Use this energy wisely, but, more importantly, have fun!

Sunday, November 21st → Sagittarius babies, congratulations! You can now officially say, “It’s basically my birthday,” assuming you haven’t started already. The Sun moves into your home sign at around 6:30 tonight. We’ve ditched the moody, pensive energy of the fixed water sign in favor of the vibrant, bold energy of the mutable fire sign. Sagittarius season brings with it excitement, change, confidence, and elation. All you need to do is embrace the rush. Things will be more unpredictable in this time; don’t view that as a bad thing! Change is what keeps our world spinning. Keep your head held high and burn as bright as the sign of the archer this season. 

A Message from Monarch

We got in quite the haul this week! There are new soap rocks, as well our larger peace rocks, new hanging crystals, new cashmere scarves & ponchos, water silk scarves, new peruvian beaded earrings, and (we’re not done yet!) new tunics have been placed out on sale. Stop on by to see the wonderfully unique selections we have! Our featured item this week is our wall-hanging hamsas. Hang these in an entryway to prevent negative energy from getting in! They will be 10% off through Saturday (11/20).