Newsletter - January 30th

2022 keeps pushing forward. And, according to the stars, so do you. Make this year your year. It’s a big concept, I know, so try to take it one step at a time. Why not begin by making this week your week?

The Week Ahead

Monday, January 31st → The first day of the week opens with a new Moon in Aquarius, an excellent time to start something big. Aquarius (the sign the Sun is presently in) is all about big picture ideas; it loves to dream up new ways on how to help humanity. The new Moon, a night where the Moon is completely absent from the sky, is a clean slate, a fresh start. No dream is too big.

Tuesday, February 1st → Today we will begin to see Mars in Capricorn sextile the planet Jupiter, which is presently in its home sign of Pisces. This energy, riding off the ideas spurred by the new Moon, is perfect for initiation. Mars is the planet of aggression, and it’s currently in a sign that’s all about carefully planning out starts. Jupiter, the planet of bounty, is in dreamy Pisces. Together, the sextile they form offers you the creativity you need to build your own, personal path to success.

Wednesday, February 2nd→ Speaking of the hopelessly romantic dreamer’s sign, the Moon will move into Pisces today. This can cause emotions to run high & run free. Pisces is the mutable water sign; it’s constantly changing. It can feel everything over the course of a day—emotions run through Pisces like a babbling brook runs over stones. Don’t build a dam, listen to what it has to say.

Thursday, February 3rd → The stars hold two power things for us on Thursday. First: Mercury stations direct. Layman’s terms? Mercury retrograde is over. Granted, there is still a “shadow period” where the planet takes a couple days to reach its original speed across our skies, but our planet of communication is no longer backwards. Feel free to celebrate. Second: the Sun conjuncts Saturn. Mars sextile Jupiter was about inspiration for your plans—Sun conjunct Saturn is about the discipline to actually do them. The Sun, representing ourselves, will be fusing its energy with Saturn, the planet of time, tradition, and development. Saturn sows seeds and returns to water them daily. It knows consistent, long-term effort will bear fruit.

Friday, February 4th → And if that wasn’t enough to make you shake a tailfeather, the Moon is moving into Aries today. Aries is the cardinal fire sign, cardinal relating to starts. And let’s not forget the stellium in Capricorn, with Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto all present in the cardinal earth sign. If you’re not putting plans into motion today, odds are you won’t be putting plans into motion, period. 

Saturday, February 5th → As the Moon moves through the sign of the ram today, we will see it form three aspects. First, it will square Venus, activating our emotions and our planet of beauty. Try to channel this towards radical self confidence, lest it devolve into retail therapy you’ll regret tomorrow (though retail therapy on our site never hurt anyone, right?). After that, the Moon will sextile Saturn & Sun, still fused in our stars. This is an excellent time to ask yourself if the thing that you’re chasing is the thing that you really want. Figure out the answer while you’re still in the early stages. If you don’t feel that spark, how could it ever turn into a fire?

Sunday, February 6th →  Sunday, day of rest. The Moon certainly agrees. Today, she will move into Taurus, a relaxed, luxurious, though, notoriously, lazy sign. Who cares? This week has been all about the grind. Put on your softest cardigan, make yourself your favorite drink, and dance to your favorite tunes. You’ve earned it.

A Message from Monarch

Just in! We have received a shipment of our lovely Turkish bowls, in a wonderful assortment of sizes, colors, & designs. And, on top of that, we’ve got in three new stained glass Turkish lamps. Pop by today to check them out! Our featured item of the week is selenite wands, which will be 10% off through Sunday (02/06).