Newsletter - January 2nd

You know what they say, garnets are a Capricorn’s best friend! No, they don’t say that? Well, they’re going to start, mark my words. Not only is it Capricorn’s stone (and the birthstone for January), it also helps the wearer stay safe and tethered, and, what with all the new beginnings we see during Capricorn season, this can be some much needed energy.

The Week Ahead

Monday, January 3rd → Jupiter has found itself at home once again, finally entering it's domicile sign of Pisces. While many of us now associate Pisces with esoteric Neptune, before the blue planet was discovered, Pisces was ruled by Jupiter! This can offer some much needed good luck; Jupiter in Pisces, a benefic planet ruling over fortune and gain in the sign of dreams and romance, I mean, what could go wrong? But know, just as no things in astrology are wholly negative, there is nothing wholly positive, either. Jupiter is planet of expansion and Pisces loves a good fantasy. Especially with Venus still retrograde, don't let delusions cloud your truth. Lucky for us, the Sun is still in steady Capricorn, keeping our feet on the ground.

Tuesday, January 4th → Keeping on the topic of nothing being wholly good or bad, and I don't want Venus retrograde to receive too much slander during her transit. Retrograde periods have a reputation for being disorienting and throwing everything out of whack, but a planet being retrograde doesn't make it evil. Think of them less as feeding gremlins after midnight and more of an inside-out sock—no, it's not what we're accustomed to, and yes, it looks different, but it still fits on your foot and you can still get around wearing it. Venus, typically being a very external planet has now moved internal as we now focus our relationships on the self and how we want to be loved. And with Venus rx sextile Neptune, now is the perfect time to practice self love. Treat yourself like a loved one and make your life a fantasy. Don’t feel embarrassed to indulge in the frivolous; you deserve nice things.

Wednesday, January 5th → Venus rx sextile Neptune will hold steady throughout the day, and, only adding to the dreamy energy of today, the Moon will move into Pisces in the afternoon. This will create a stellium (three or more bodies in a sign) as the Moon, ruler of our emotions, finds itself nestled with Pisces two ruling planets: Jupiter and Neptune. Now, I know I just cautioned against getting too swept up in the romanticism this season brings, but, hey, everything in moderation. Don’t go overboard and don’t get lost in your fantasy world, but a brief vacay from reality could be just what the doctor ordered. Light your favorite candle, put on your favorite lipstick even if no one’s going to see it, wear that expensive perfume you’ve been saving for a special occasion, and dance in your kitchen. When was the last time you really celebrated being you?

Thursday, January 6th → As the Moon continues through Pisces it will form three aspects: first, it will sextile Uranus, then the Sun, and, finally, it will square Mars. In short, the celebration of self continues, though today it definitely runs the risk of spinning out. The Uranus aspect will have you wanting to buy a journal because oh my gosh I should totally journal this year, the Sun aspect will have you trying to sound as poetic as possible in aforementioned journal, and the Mars aspect will either make you very snippy or very, very sad if someone asks how you’re going to maintain journaling this year. Remember this transit is ruled by the mutable—the everchanging—don’t focus on maintaining, focus on enjoying the moment. And don’t pick any unnecessary fights. How is that enjoying the moment? (Also, Pisces suck at arguments; the stars are not here to back you up).

Friday, January 7th → If you thought passions were going to die down after the Moon moves out of emotion Pisces, unfortunately, you are dead wrong. The Moon will move into passionate, bold, fiery Aries, and any impulsivity you felt during the Pisces Moon is now burning red hot under the cardinal fire sign. Be cautious making major commitments in this time. You’ll love saying yes!, but will you actually love sticking around through thick and thin? Or once the reality of the situation becomes stronger that you fantasy, will you be scrambling to find the exit?

Saturday, January 8th → By now you’re probably thinking okay, I think I’ve felt all I can feel, we can probably put a pause on the self-reflection now, right? Wrong! Sun conjunct Venus retrograde, fusing yourself with our inside-out planet of love. Don’t try to fight it—after all, Venus is a lover, not a fighter. Trying to fight your feelings will only leave you fighting with others.

Sunday, January 9th → The Moon will reach its first quarter in Aries. Now is a perfect time to stop and ask yourself, What are my goals? What am I doing to achieve them? Is there anything else I am capable of taking on that will help get me closer to my dreams? And if it turns out all you really need to realize your goals is a little bit of inspiration, then today just might be your lucky day. The Sun is beginning to sextile Neptune, connecting us with our subconscious, spirituality, and creativity. Let the little things spark your imagination.

A Message from Monarch

The weather stays chilly, and we stay knitting beanies! Check out our new colors, and feel free to reply with any colors you’d wish to see. Beyond that, we are expecting to see some more tarot cards by the end of the week, so keep your eyes peeled for those…. Our featured item of this week are our Mini Lakshmi Lamps. They will be 10% off through Saturday (01/09).