Newsletter - January 16th

Yes, we have multiple retrograde planets in our skies and yes the Sun is about to ingress Aquarius, causing even more changes to our current states of being, but it’s not all bad! The 49er’s won! And we may or may not be celebrating a very special birthday this week… more on that later.

The Week Ahead

Monday, January 17th → The week opens with a full Moon in her home sign of Cancer. Cancer is all about nurture, love, and care. With the full Moon bringing emotions to the brim and both Mercury and Venus presently retrograde in our skies, today would be a perfect day to reflect. Don’t feel the need to push yourself right this minute to become something new—but, if a new self is what you’re looking for, plant this seed under the first full moon of the year. We grow with love; to change, you must show yourself love. I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes, from Danish author Karen Christenze von Blixen-Finecke: the cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.

Tuesday, January 18th → The Moon continues on her journey, leaving soft Cancer for strong Leo on Monday evening. This can create a sense of courage around our emotions, which will be very much needed today. Being in a Mercury retrograde can already make our feelings more difficult to express. On top of that, the Moon will oppose Mercury, pitting our emotions against already skewed communication. Then, it will square Uranus, creating a very antsy need for bold moves of expression, and, later, sit opposite Saturn, leaving you feeling restricted. Remember that this, too, shall pass. Don’t create a mess where there doesn’t need to be one. Even just a small sorry, I’m feeling a bit frazzled today, I don’t want you to think that I’m mad at you can go such a long way. Try to keep lines of communication open.

Wednesday, January 19th → And, just as a quick reminder, we are still very much in Venus retrograde as well. If you feel like you’re under a microscope right now, just remember that you are your own voyeur. Both Mercury and Venus are planets that would normally travel from in to out—sending our personal energy out to engage with others. Now, they’re flipped inside out. All that energy has switched directions, and you have pinned yourself down on a slide and are looking way too closely at things no one else sees. Drawing up a plan for rebirth isn’t inherently a bad thing, but ask yourself why you’re looking to change? Is it from a place of healing or of hatred? Make sure your motives are pure before moving forward.

Thursday, January 20th → Speaking of evolution and change, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Aquarius season. The Sun is entering the eleventh sign of the zodiac, the transgressive, humanitarian, big-picture sign of the water bearer. Now, I know, Aquarius, water bearer, surely a water sign, no? No. Aquarius is actually the fixed air sign, aligning itself with our heads much more than our hearts. This is the time of grand ideas, but, as every coin has two sides, it’s also a time when details can get lost in the haze. Aquarius loves people, but sometimes, it can have difficulty with people. Especially with the jumble of Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and Mars we’re looking at during its reign, interpersonal relationships can get a shade… weird. Yes, actions speak louder than words, but words never hurt. Don’t let people fall by the wayside in the now because you’re too busy focusing on where you’ll all be in the future.

Friday, January 21st → Yesterday, the waning Moon moved into the perfectionist earth sign of Virgo. This is a great time to prune. Sometimes, the best way to enable something to flourish is to first cut it back. With the Moon trining both Uranus and Venus over its course today, now would be a great time to reorganize and refresh. However, since it will be positioning itself opposite Neptune, the spiritual plant, it’s going to be best to keep your pruning focused on the material. Don’t try to clip back your soul, you might hit the quick.

Saturday, January 22nd → Picture this: a conjunct in the 10th of career between the Sun, Mercury, and Fortuna. A midheaven in Capricorn, promising a reputation of diligence and earnestness. Jupiter conjunct Venus in the 9th house of expansion: follow your heart wherever it may lead and fortune is bound to meet you at the end destination. Punam Thakran was born in Patna, India, and moved to the United States in the 80’s. Little did she know, she would go on to open a local business in Mill Valley that would touch the lives of many. Today, we are sending her many warm birthday wishes. Happy Birthday, Punam!

Sunday, January 23rd → Haven’t been feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde yet? Don’t worry, today, you will. Mercury retrograde will be in conjunction with the Sun, fusing the backwards planet of communication with ourselves. Outwit any of the bad vibes by focusing on (and celebrating) yourself. Venus retrograde will also trine Uranus, only adding to the emphasis on the self. Yes, both these planets are now focusing (almost painfully so) inwards, but this isn’t a bad thing if you look at what you see with a loving eye.


A Message from Monarch

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