Newsletter - February 6th

The world is moving forward, and it’s taking you with it. It might feel like everything around you is changing—that’s probably because it is. In times where the world itself feels foreign & it’s hard to keep your head above water, it’s important to remember the one thing that has been with you the entire time: you. You know you the best, you know what makes you happy, you know what makes you sad, you know the best ways to cheer yourself up. Utilize that knowledge this week, because we’re entering choppy waters.

The Week Ahead

Monday, February 7th → It’s time to start changing. This doesn’t mean things need to shift immediately, but, at the very least, a shift needs to start. Mars, in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, favoring well drawn out battle plans, reaches a trine with Uranus, presently in the fixed sign of Taurus, stirring up some bull-headed, stubborn strength. Both these planets are very active and yet find themselves in rather slow-moving and methodical earth signs. This can create conflict if you choose to only take one part of this and leave the other. You can try to stick with methodical, slow planning and postpone any action until you’re 100% sure everything is ready, but these planets are putting the car in drive with or without your consent. Better just to buckle up & brace for impact. Flipside, if you fully embrace the gall of these planets and throw plans to the wind, running headlong into change, the earth signs will ensure that you quickly find yourself upstream without a paddle.

Tuesday, February 8th → Speaking of the earth signs, let’s check back in with the Moon in Taurus. It reaches its first quarter today, or a “half moon” as we would call it, meaning it is half-way to a full Moon. The waxing phases are great for manifestation, or pulling things towards you. Affirmations are an easy way to start manifesting. Write a simple sentence down in the morning, and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. Be careful not to include negative or banishing phrases in your affirmations—for example, instead of saying, I won’t let anxiety rule my day, in which the word “won’t” is banishing the anxiety, say, I will stay calm and rooted today.

Wednesday, February 9th→ On Wednesday, the Moon leaves stable Taurus for engaging Gemini. This sign keeps us on our toes & is all about rapid motion and quick thought—perfect for the continuing Mars/Uranus trine. The two luminaries (the Sun & the Moon) both sit in air signs, keeping our minds engaged and directed towards solutions, while the stellium in Capricorn (Mercury, Venus, Mars, & Pluto) helps us stay grounded and reasonable, something Gemini and Aquarius could always benefit from.

Thursday, February 10th → Transformation stays on the tongue today. Mercury is direct now, finally having left retrograde, though we are still in the shadow period (the readjustment period as the planet starts to pick back up speed in the proper direction). It’s best to try and get your feet under you as fast as possible, because today certainly will be a doozy if you haven’t gotten your communication back up to speed. Today, the messenger planet conjuncts Pluto, of death, rebirth, and transformation, dredging up all the things we typically keep hidden right to the forefront of the mind. Pair this with the Venus/Mars conjunction on the horizon and the Sun and Saturn still sitting relatively close together in the transgressive sign of Aquarius, and the Moon in Gemini, and you might find it really hard to bite your tongue today. Sometimes, things do need to change, and someone does need to start that conversation, but it needs to be started in a tactful way that actually flowers a constructive conversation. Many people will have ideas they’d love to bring to the light; provide them with the proper arena and new pathways will be popping up everywhere. But remember, Pluto has many insecurities and Mars has a lot of anger. If you can’t say it without saying it sharply, it’s best not to say it at all. If you instill fear into someone during this transit, it will be hard for them to let it go.

Friday, February 11th → As teased yesterday, there’s a Venus/Mars conjunction. The first of a pair, actually. Venus is still in its shadow period, having gone direct just over a week ago, meaning that, for this brief time, Mars is moving fast through our skies. Today, we’ll watch as the red planet begins to overtake the planet of love. To put it mildly: this will electrify your relationships. This can apply to any relationships, romantic, familial, platonic, and any direction of the meaning, positive, negative, or just plain energetic. Communication is still a bit tricky—Mercury is still sitting snugly next to Pluto, which can deeply enhance our fears of being taken advantage of—so try to sift through your feelings before you engage. I’m not going to tell you to think before you speak, with these transits in the skies, that would kind of be like handing you a pair of kiddie scissors and asking you to diffuse this bomb before it goes off in 30 seconds. Everything will be far too active today for you to feel like you have time to properly structure a sentence before it leaves your mouth. However, what you can do is understand exactly how you feel about a certain situation before you enter the octagon. With energy coming at you at high speeds from every which way, you don’t want to be making decisions or sorting out emotions on the spot. At the very least, try to enter with a level head. There’s no guarantee that you’ll leave with one.  

Saturday, February 12th → Wow! Okay, so, Mercury conjunct Pluto and Venus conjunct Mars in our skies. Dizzying to say the least. Please tell me we’ve got a safe harbor to shield us from the storm? Nope. Late last night, the Moon moved into Cancer. We’re in the middle of the ocean. The Moon in its home sign can be healing—Cancer loves nurture and it inspires a caring energy in all of us—but it also causes us to feel things very strongly. In a time when the stars are very brusque, the Cancerian heart can easily get bruised. Cry it out, put on your favorite movie, call your mom, go to bed really, really early or really, really late. Afford yourself this drama. Your feelings are real and you should not be embarrassed by them. Let yourself feel every little thing, inhale, then exhale. Come back the next morning with a better understanding of yourself.

Sunday, February 13th →  It’s time for a little good news, I think. Enter: Jupiter sextile Uranus. With the many Uranus aspects this month has had to offer so far, change has definitely carved itself out to be one of the major themes of this month. This aspect offers solutions, creativity, and a little bit of luck. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, currently in domicile in its home sign of Pisces, which is all about creativity & imagination, sparks up a flirtatious, playful energy with the planet of change. Don’t let this inspiration go to waste. Today, you are a magnet for miracles. See what you can attract.

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