Newsletter - December 5th

Here’s our holiday gift to you: more time! Monarch is updating its hours for the holiday season—we will be open from 10am - 6:30pm every day. We can’t wait to see you. Happy holidays!

The Week Ahead

Monday, December 6th → Continuing with the concept of activating energy last week introduced, we start off this week with Mars squaring Jupiter, creating an activating energy between the planet of aggression currently powerful Scorpio and the planet of bounty in innovative Aquarius. You’re going to want to utilize this to chase what you want—today!

Tuesday, December 7th → That time limit warning on Monday is very real. Unfortunately, today, Mercury squares Neptune. This allows for communication in one direction only; you’ll still be able to talk fine, but you’ll severely struggle to read others. Are they encouraging you to talk more or desperately trying to find an out of this conversation? You won’t know! Today’s a good day to stick with what (or who) you know. Your loved ones know and understand and can sit through this today. Conversations with strangers, however, will likely devolve into two monologues coincidentally happening at the same time, as opposed to a true dialogue. This transit will only last a day.

Wednesday, December 8th → Turn your eyes to steady Capricorn, where a fusion is happening in the stars! Today, Venus will conjunct Pluto, linking the two planets together and amplifying their energies. What does that result in? Well, in a word: neediness. Venus, planet of love, will find its affections linked with the depths of Pluto, planet of death. In short, you’ll find your appetite for love greatly deepens in this time. And this isn’t just limited to romantic relationships, platonic ones are also going to get a good dose of hunger. A word of advice: we’re all experiencing this transit together. Tell those you love that you love them! Whether that’s making your partner their favorite meal or reaching out to a friend via text, a little bit of affection in this time will go a long way.

Thursday, December 9th → Only adding to the strength of the Venus-Pluto conjunction, the Moon will move into Pisces at around 7:00 this morning. Don’t be afraid to cry! The Moon is considered the ruler of our emotions, when it moves into watery Pisces, the element of feeling, you might feel a lot. Like, a lot. But remember that Pisces is the mutable water sign—it’s all about change. Don’t try to hold onto a feeling; you’ll find it just as slippery as the fish that represents the sign. Let your emotions roll through you. Try to make a conscious effort to live only in the moment.

Friday, December 10th → The Moon reaches its first quarter today, what we might call a “half Moon.” Yes, it’s still in Pisces—it’ll remain in the sign of the fish until Saturday afternoon. Presently, the Moon is waxing, meaning it’s growing in size. This is considered a really good time for beginnings and manifestations, growing towards your aspirations as the Moon grows. 

Saturday, December 11th → Yes, the Moon is still in Pisces (until about 3pm today). Yes, Venus continues to conjunct Mercury. We leave that transit around New Year’s Eve (Venus will go retrograde on the 19th, prolonging it’s connection with Pluto). So it might be time for something more uplifting and casual, don’t you think? Mercury sextile Jupiter certainly agrees. This is a fun little connection between our planet of ideas and the planet of good luck. Find joy in this buoyant transit, and use it to lift you above the Sun square Neptune, the other aspect we’ll find today.

Sunday, December 12th → What’s so rough about Sun square Neptune, anyways? Why do we need a life vest against it with Mercury sextile Jupiter? Well, not to be the bearer of bad news, but we actually no longer have Mercury sextile Jupiter anymore to protect us, it’s just us versus sloth. Sun square Neptune often comes with a physical weakening of the body, most frequently taking its form in constant drowsiness caused by a lack of sleep. This is because we (as represented by the Sun) have been pitted against our dreams and subconscious (as represented by Neptune). It might be hard to find rest in this transit, which will hold until Tuesday. Instead of focusing on what you can’t control during this time, focus on what you can. Try to clean your space when you have the time, rest, relax, journal, engage in self care. There’s a lot that is beyond us; that’ll always be true. Just focus on what is in front of you, what is manageable, and then manage it. You can do it.

A Message from Monarch

Purses! They’re finally here! But that’s not where this list stops. We also got brand new tarot decks for the first time, new books (both for children & adults), as well as more of our super popular worry stones. We have also put out new items on our sale table outside, including stickers and fabric ornaments. Speaking of our fabric ornaments… they’re our featured item of the week! They’ll be 10% off through Saturday (12/11).