Newsletter - December 12th

We’re holding on through stormy weather! In spite of the rain, Monarch will continue to be open every day, from 10am-6:30pm. Feel free to pop on by; we’re always happy to help with any holiday shopping that you need to get done. (The stars recommend coming in on Tuesday 👀)

The Week Ahead

Monday, December 13th → Listen, I’m not going to copy/paste the entire lyrics to Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, I already know exactly who started said fire: Mars in Sagittarius. The red planet of sex & aggression entered one of the most expansive, direct, and fiery signs of the zodiac. Try to exercise temperance in this time, which I know is kind of like tying a bell around your neck and then telling you to move quietly—it’s a counterintuitive action, but during this transit you’re going to find your passions (and aggressions) amplified to an insane degree. This can have its advantages, enabling you to pursue your dreams with new fervor, but, without caution, your well-crafted pitch can quickly devolve into the ravings of a madman. I frequently use “mythic” to describe Sagittarius, because there is often a quality to it beyond the tangible. It is the mutable fire sign; it’s uncontained flames. Think of how quickly they move, how fast they change, and how daunting they can be. You might be discovering new, brilliant ideas in your mind palace, but remember that it’s invisible to the rest of us. Mars will want you sprinting after these dreams, throwing caution to the wind, but be sure to check in with others and make attempts to ground yourself. Remember: the mutable signs are always changing. Don’t lock yourself into something you’ll resent a month later.

Tuesday, December 14th → Lucky for us, we get an aid in the beginning stages of this transit. Early Tuesday morning, the Moon moves into Taurus, offering our emotions some stability as Mars starts to spin out. But there’s always a catch, isn’t there? Taurus is very Venusian, it loves luxury. Impulse purchases live for this alignment. You might feel that you simply need something, but be sure to pause, take a step back, and ask yourself to look beyond your emotions. However, if you’re inclined to give in to the urge, I will just say we’re open, 10am-6:30pm. Feel free to stop in!

Wednesday, December 15th → The good news is that we are offered a helpful outlet for sorting through our feelings. Mercury very recently moved into Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign, and one of the most stable signs in the zodiac. Unsure where you are? Where you’re headed? What you’re even doing right now? Talk about it! This transit encourages starting big conversations; that’s where the cardinal modality really comes through. You might find a deep conversation with a trusted individual is just what you need in this time.

Thursday, December 16th → Saturn square Uranus has kind of ruled this year; the two slow moving planets have played a game of back and forth throughout this year as one moves direct, the other retrograde, and vice versa. Presently, Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus retrograde in Taurus with an orb of less than one degree—but that’s a lot of words, so let’s just say things are getting intense. Saturn is a strict planet that loves tradition, Uranus is a rule breaker that loves revolution. Putting these two planets against each other can cause tension, often manifesting in changes that leave you feeling constricted. Mars in Sagittarius will want to rail against it, but use the Capricorn stellium to reign the beast in. In this time, it’s better not to fight, but instead to adapt. Venus, of love, Pluto, of transformation, and Mercury, of mind, are all in the taskmaster sign. Draft up new plans as each challenge hits. Anticipate disruption. Jupiter, the planet of luck, is also in constantly evolving Aquarius, helping you roll with the punches. Don’t fight the changes, even when the changes seem to be fighting you.

Friday, December 17th → Adding to alignments that aid you, the Moon, now in flexible Gemini, will trine Saturn today and today only. A trine is easily the most harmonious aspect. In this specific instance, you will often find discipline and structure applied to your emotions; this can be insanely helpful when weathering times of emotional distress. Try to exercise this newfound control through meditation, yoga, or anything else that you find connects your body to your spirit. With the teeming energy of the full moon quite literally on the horizon, you could find a newfound emotional epiphany if you utilize this transit right. 

Saturday, December 18th → Continuing with the good news, the Sun in Sagittarius begins to sextile Jupiter in the aforementioned Aquarius, initiating a pleasant, creative, humanitarian energy. This transit is perfect for dreaming up big ideas for betterment, not only for others, but also for yourself. Now would be the perfect time to draft up that New Year’s Resolution, and use the Sun’s imminent move into Capricorn to really get the ball rolling (everyone knows waiting til New Year’s Day to actually start your New Year’s Resolution is bogus; it’s always too crowded wherever you are).

Sunday, December 19th → I hope you enjoyed that smidgen of good luck, because today is going to feel rather intense. Venus conjunct Pluto still holds steady in our skies, as does Saturn square Uranus, and, on top of all that, the Moon just moved into Cancer. Trust me, the last thing you’re going to want to do is run from your emotions today. The waves will batter you down until you make it out past break. If you can make today a self care day, I definitely recommend you do. Whether that be yoga, meditation, & journaling, calling up an old friend, cooking a comfort meal, & catching up, or even just donning your coziest socks and beanie & putting on an old comfort show, today you’re really going to want to aim for comfort and nurture. Understand that emotions will be running high for all parties. Don’t take outbursts the wrong way; we’re all going to be reeling today. If you can, offer someone a shoulder to cry on, but don’t overextend yourself, as the Cancer Moon has been wont to do. 

A Message from Monarch

New candles!!! It had to be put first and yelled out loud, because, ladies & gentlemen, we have got more of our classic teardrop candles in all sorts of colors. Be sure to grab them while supplies last! On top of that, I would say we have also got in new winter beanies, but I feel like that implies that they were mailed in to us, which is simply not the case. Dear reader, your beloved employees at Monarch have made you some cozy, knit, 100% wool, beanies (the secret ingredient is love). Speaking of love as well as transitioning into the featured item of the week, we’re looking out for you during this emotionally tumultuous week: our feature item of the week is Rose Quartz! The stone of unconditional love is perfect for healing what hurts your heart (looking at you, Pluto, this week) and attracting those that bring you joy. It will be 10% off through Saturday (12/18).