March Twenty First - Message from Monarch

Hello Spring! The season of rebirth and renewal is finally upon us. And not only did we just enter spring, Aries Season has also begun, restarting the astrological calendar from the top. We’ve left behind Pisces Season, a time for introspection, quiet reflection, and blossoming creativity, and entered the domain of the cardinal fire sign. It’s time to take all the ideas we have cultivated over the winter and press them into action — which, I know, can feel difficult. Let’s not forget we are also celebrating the one year anniversary of Marin County being put under Shelter-in-Place. Life can feel a bit stagnant right now. But what is spring if not the wake up call out of this dull malaise?

Affirmations can be one small way of moving out of this standstill and towards something great. We’ve all heard the phrase you are what you eat, an affirmation is a riff on that. You are what you think. It’s a simple phrase that you repeat to yourself at intervals through the day — essentially speaking the good vibes into existence. Some great affirmations to kick off your spring are I radiate beauty, charm, and grace, I am courageous and I stand up for myself, Today is the first day of the rest of my life, & I am worthy of the praise I receive. Try saying these — out loud! — each morning, and see what happens. 

Another way to wake back up out of our little spring hibernation is through physical activity. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean taking up a new sport or trying to do yoga every day of the week (though Marin Power Yoga is offering free virtual classes daily!), this can be something as simple as gardening or picking up an instrument. It can be difficult to dedicate the time to such activities, but the benefit is definitely worth it. This spring, let’s remember that we are our bodys. They are not just some vessel to carry us around — they are us! And performing an action that ties us back into ourselves is an excellent method to help clear away the fog that this pandemic has left us with.

I hope you all will be embarking on this springtime journey of renewal with us here at Monarch; we are doing our best to stay afloat and your support means the world to us. We look forward to what the future holds, and we hope we can ring in a new era of prosperity and growth within ourselves this 2021.


The Monarch Team