A Quick and Easy Guide to Crystals


Crystals and gemstones are known to hold various beneficial properties; they can heal, guide, aid, and enhance both the physical and spiritual. But because there are so many of them, it can be hard to remember which one does what. Well fear not! Monarch has created A Quick and Easy Guide to Crystals just for you!


Amethyst is a purple, translucent gemstone that is known mainly as a healing crystal. It is used for both physical spiritual healing, for everything from muscle aches to realigning your chakras. Shop Amethyst Jewelry Here!


Chalcedony is a crystal that absorbs the negative energy in your aura and replaces it with goodwill and harmony. It works with both the sacral and solar plexus chakras and heals emotional issues. Shop Chalcedony Jewelry Here!


Labradorite can be used to cleanse ones aura and in turn make them more receptive to the energies around them. It also reveals the true self, in doing so banishing insecurities and weaknesses. Shop Labradorite Jewelry Here!  

Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone is widely regarded as a feminine crystal, and embraces all that has to do with womanhood. It can grant strength of body and spirit and cleanses the mind of negative thoughts and energies. It is associated with the crown chakra. Shop Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry Here!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is best known as a love crystal, but it works in all elements of the heart. It can have a positive impact on one's romantic, platonic, or interpersonal relationships, as well as heal the relationship with the self. Shop Rose Quartz Jewelry Here!

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a grounding crystal that can be used to stabilize erratic emotions and grant calmness and serenity. It is also said to alleviate physical pains, specifically muscle aches or cramps. Shop Smoky Quartz Jewelry Here!

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is a promotes truth, wisdom, and clear communication, both with others and the self. Because of this, it is often a symbol of a deep and profound love. Shop Blue Topaz Jewelry Here!

Lemon Topaz

Lemon Topaz is a crystal of the self, often used to boost charisma and optimism. Initially believed to draw its powers from the sun, it grants one a newfound exuberance and joy. Shop Lemon Topaz Jewelry Here!



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